Our organisation

Sustainable Calne is an unincorporated charitable association led by a steering group.

Our history

An association formed of two Calne groups dedicated to working towards a Net ZERO carbon footprint for Calne by 2030.

Calne Against Climate Change (CACC), an independent community group, was formed on 29th May 2019, during a climate change themed musical and educational evening at Marden House.

Calne Community Climate Change Steering Group (CCCCSG) was formed after the Mayor of Calne and Town Council declared a Climate Emergency on 17th June 2019, pledging to work towards making Calne Net Zero by 2030.  Calne Town Council set up a working group to pursue what needed to be done within its direct remit – that is, to reduce the carbon footprint of those building and services over which it had control.  The CCCCSG was formed of members from the community on 10th September 2019 to investigate and tackle the wider issues of domestic and commercial/industrial carbon footprints in Calne.

Sustainable Calne was formed on 13th February 2020 when both community groups met together, deciding that the efforts of each group would better serve their parallel aims and objectives on the Climate Crisis if they were working together as one.