Local projects and organisations

There are a number of groups and initiatives operating in Calne, many of whose formation predates Sustainable Calne, and who have been working on a variety of activities allied with Sustainable Calne’s stated aims and objectives for some considerable time.

Sustainable Calne recognises all the work that these groups undertake and is proud to work alongside them.

Avon Needs Trees (ANT)

Bristol based Avon Needs Trees is a registered charity (1184386) that is buying land throughout the Bristol-Avon catchment area to reforest it. Planting trees will sequester carbon from the air, enhance biodiversity and provide natural flood management, as well as water and air quality improvement, and more public amenity space.

ANT purchased Hazeland near Calne in August 2020 and launched this new woodland in September 2020. In 2021, they purchased a site now named Pudding Brook Wood near Stanley Lane between Calne and Chippenham.

Read more about ANT activities near Calne

Calne Clean Up Crew

Calne Clean Up Crew is a family friendly group to share the great clean up work that’s being done in and around Calne. Started in 2018, the Calne Clean-Up Crew has recruited like-minded volunteers to pick up litter from all around Calne and surrounding communities.

Some volunteers have adopted roads near their homes and keep them clean, others get involved on an ad-hoc basis when bigger areas are identified as needing a spruce up. There is always room for more volunteers to come together to make Calne a better place to live, work and play so check them out on Facebook

Castlefields Canal and River Park Association (CARP)

CARP aims to preserve, protect, develop and improve the environment of the River Marden Valley and surrounding area. Also working to provide amenities and facilities for recreation and leisure activities for the public benefit in Castlefields Park and along the Marden valley.

Read more about CARP

Friends of the Marden Valley

Friends of the Marden Valley seek to educate the community about the Marden Valley, its river and tributaries, to preserve and cherish them. It has been set up to preserve and protect the Marden Valley. It is a wonderful place, full of beautiful surprises, and amazing wildlife to discover and admire. We need to truly love and protect it for future generations. Great Calne Wildlife images on their site!

River Warriors

Green Youth Group in Calne set up by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Friends of Abberd Brook and River Clean Up! Read more… Great Calne Wildlife images on this site!

Wiltshire Climate Alliance (WCA)

Sustainable Calne is a member of the Wiltshire Climate Alliance, which is an umbrella organisation for different groups to come together to campaign for action on climate change.

ECO Church (An A Rocha UK Project)

Climate change threatens the delicate equilibrium that sustains life and biodiversity is collapsing around the globe. Eco Church is A Rocha’s tool to help churches celebrate what they already do well and make informed decisions about what to do next.

Sustainable CALNE supports Churches who have already registered with ECO Church, and seeks to encourage those Churches that have yet to become involved with ECO Church to do so, tracking ECO Church progress in Calne.

ECO Church is one initiative among many towards Calne achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2030.

ECO Schools

Introduced in 1994 in response to the 1992 UN Rio Earth Summit, Eco-Schools is operated globally by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and is managed in England by Keep Britain Tidy.

Sustainable Calne supports and encourages the ECO Schools movement and tracks ECO Schools progress in Calne.

ECO Schools is one initiative among many towards Calne achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2030.

Zero North Wiltshire

Zero North Wiltshire is a Community Benefit Society established for the promotion, development and management of renewable, low and zero carbon energy generation and storage in North Wiltshire.