Calne solar panel installations audit

Project members

Project Lead: Stan Woods


To establish a 2021/22 baseline of Solar Panel installations in Calne

What is happening

A member and local residents led audit of current Solar Panel installations around Calne.

We want to try and create a baseline of Solar energy installations in Calne to compare with a further audit in 2025/26.

Individuals can undertake a survey of their own street or other streets too, either by walking along the street filling in the form provided (downloadable below) or using Google Earth to survey the roofs of houses online and filling in the form from that source. Google Earth mapping will always be somewhat out of date, but looks like it gives a good indication for our baseline.

The form is a protected spreadsheet which you can email to us when complete – use one form for each street or if too many houses in the street for the form use another. The form explains what to do and gives information about recognising different panels, including Solar PV (those generating electricity), and Solar Thermal (those heating hot water directly).

How to get involved

Want to join in? Download the form, complete it and email it back to us. Want to know more? Email us

An image of the useable area of the form is included below for your convenience.