Solar PV Scheme Application Questionnaire

Sustainable Calne has modelled its scheme on the excellent work undertaken by Zero Chippenham devising and maintaining a scheme where residents of Chippenham and Calne and the surrounding villages can buy Solar PV better. They have launched a scheme where and residents of SN11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 are all welcome to participate.

To start the process to get a free no obligation quotation, please complete the online questionnaire below.

If just want to ask us questions about the scheme before applying go to our contact form.

When you submit the questionnaire it comes to us, and after checking that it is complete, we forward it to the scheme’s selected suppliers, with a copy to the Scheme’s creators (Zero Chippenham) to help them monitor how well the scheme is going.

The suppliers will get in touch with you directly (please allow up to seven working days for a response) to discuss the details you have given in the form and to arrange a visit to discuss your requirements in more detail, and should you so wish to receive a quotation.

Application form

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Q2. Is your roof flat or pitched?
Q7. Can scaffolding fit underneath where this roof is located?
Q8. Are there any obstacles or access issues?
Q9. Do you have a loft under the roof?
Q10. Is there a cable route from the loft to the electricity meter?
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