Process for Hiring out Thermal Imaging Cameras


Sustainable Calne, in collaboration with Calne Town Council(CTC), has procured two thermal imaging cameras to be used in conjunction with either an iPhone or Android smartphone and the compatible free downloadable App. The cameras are available for use primarily by
residents of Calne Town Council area but cameras partially funded by Calne Area Board will be available for those in Calne Without parish council.

The hire of the camera is provided to the hirer for the specific purpose of DIY energy loss surveys of their homes.

The camera is to be hired for a refundable deposit of £20 with an additional charge of £5 per day for late return. There may be some flexibility with this amount at the discretion of Sustainable Calne as it may be unmanageable for some households.


  • The devices will usually be held at Calne Town Council offices.
  • The loan scheme will be publicised by Sustainable Calne and Calne Town Council.
  • Hire is controlled by officers of Sustainable Calne (the Hire Controller)
  • Residents wishing to hire the device should contact the Hire Controller directly through the Sustainable Calne email address.
  • The hirer must identify if they need to hire the Android or Apple IOS camera and give their name and address. A copy of the hirer’s agreement and instructions will be emailed where possible. The hirer’s agreement will highlight the need for the hirer to sign the agreement upon collection of the camera.
  • On receipt of a hire request, the Hire Controller will agree an appropriate hire date, collection time and return time with the hirer. The collection and return times should be approximately 4 days or over a weekend.
  • The Hire Controller will inform the reception at CTC where a record will be held.
  • Should the hirer be unable to access the town council offices (eg due to opening times, mobility issues or health) arrangements may be made for delivery and collection of the device from their home. This will be managed by Sustainable Calne.
  • The hirer must show provide proof of identity with their address when they collect the device. Acceptable forms of ID are: passport, driving licence, a recent (last 3 months) utility bill containing the hirer’s name and address or a recent bank statement. Only the relevant part of the document should be shown to the officer.
  • Any residents contacting Calne Town Council regarding the device will be redirected to the Hire Controller.
  • Prior to the handing over of the device:
    • The hirer shall pay a refundable £20 cash hire deposit.
    • The Hirer will sign their agreement to the Terms of Hire
    • Provide their contact details.
    • The officer at CTC or the Sustainable Calne representative will record the receipt of the deposit on both agreement documents.
    • The hirer will be given a checklist to complete showing likely areas of heat loss, along with a feedback sheet, in order to monitor the effectiveness of the camera loan scheme.
  • A spreadsheet of all activity will be maintained and shared with Calne Town Council and the Sustainable Calne Steering Group as appropriate.
  • Hirer details will be removed from the tracker spreadsheet six months after completion of the hire.
  • In the event that the device is returned late, then the Hire Controller will remind the Hirer that an additional fee of £5 per day is due. In the event that a Hirer refuses to pay any additional fees due then the Hire Controller will report this to the Sustainable Calne Steering Group and CTC. Any action will be at the discretion of those groups.