Terms of Hire

  1. The Hirer will collect and return the device at the agreed collection/Return Times.
  2. The £20 hire deposit covers the hire of the device for the agreed days of hire. Late return of the device will incur a late return fee of £5/day.
  3. The device is provided to the Hirer for their own personal use. The Hirer will not loan or rehire the device to any third party.
  4. The Hirer will take all reasonable steps to ensure that no damage is caused to the device. In the event that the device is damaged, Sustainable Calne, at their sole discretion, may charge the Hirer an amount towards the repair/replacement of the device.
  5. Sustainable Calne hires the camera “as is” and neither Calne Town Council nor Sustainable Calne can provide the user with technical support, nor can it be held responsible for any functional or technical limitations of the device. However, where possible they will answer questions to support users.
  6. Neither Sustainable Calne nor Calne Town Council can be held responsible for any losses arising as a result of decisions taken by the Hirer following use of the device including any damage to the Hirers phone.
  7. The hirer must show provide proof of identity with their address when they collect the device. Acceptable forms of ID are: passport, driving licence, a recent (last 3 months) utility bill containing the hirer’s name and address or a recent bank statement. Only the relevant part of the document should be shown to the officer.
  8. On return of the device, The Hirer will return the checklist of issues identified and the planned actions. This will allow Sustainable Calne to monitor the effectiveness of the scheme.